The pleasures of anomaly

Hey there!

Khushi this side. I am an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, an art hobbyist and a novice in digital painting. I am a bibliophile and love reading quotes and poetry

Life is never easy when you try to deivate from the traditional ‘normal’ but it has its own perks.

– Emily Dickinson

From the blog :-


In mere moments had my stance changed,As a new sense of hope seemed to rise,A newfound…

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Alive yet??

Lost in numbers, assets and objectsTrying to find futile excuses for living amongst these worldly acquisitions…

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Stepping outside into the world crowded by people felt like a lost astronaut landed as if…

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My heart was filled with emotions, But wondrously limned ,On a blank white sheet,With tiny curves of…

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Sketched by Khushi.M Hello guys this is Khushi, one of the Duo Disseminators. Along with writing…

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The cool wind blowing on my faceHair kept open haphazard,Trying to get through an invisible barrierOf…

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